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On 11-24-1874, barbed wire was patented. Stick with the barb.

Barbano on statewide Nevada Newsmakers TV

Recent BARBWIRE Media Hits
and Ego Trips

   The Dean of Reno Bloggers could very well be Andrew Barbano, self-described "fighter of public demons," who started putting his "Barbwire" columns online in 1996 and now runs 10 sites.
      RENO NEWS & REVIEW, 11-9-2006

"Our long national nightmare is over."
Did I say that a dozen years ago?
CORY FARLEY, RGJ, 11-10-2006

BARBANO: Nevada's newly-hiked minimum wage is nowhere near enough
Reno Gazette-Journal, 11-11-2006

Oregon State U. minimum wage deflator

Time to bring back NAGPAC?
CORY FARLEY, RGJ, 8-1-2006

Barbwire Online Archive

Presidential candidate John Edwards in Reno Dec. 29

Columnist Erin Neff: Corruption was the big 2006 Nevada political story

Columnist Erin Neff: Nevada's initiative mess
Great minds think alike:
Legislature was the big election loser
Public had to decide on matters legislature refused to act on

Reno Gazette-Journal editorial 12-6-2006

Former Sen. Joe Neal: We have outsourced our elections

Columnist Erin Neff: It's clear that Gibbons doesn't know what to do now that he has won the governorship

Nevada lawmaker wants study of immigrant economic impact
Recent Texas research showed huge benefit
Las Vegas Sun 12-27-2006

Making LV City Council full time has many supporters but no champion

Your vote is your voice.
Su voto es su voz

So vote!

Columnist JANE ANN MORRISON: Backers of pro-smoking Question 4 find too late that honesty really is the best policy

Editor's Note: Many of the news links on this site are from Nevada dailies. In late 2006, the Reno Gannett-Journal began nuking much of its archive. If you encounter any broken links, I encourage you to contact them and send me a copy. On the one hand, they want to build their web traffic in order to increase the price of ads. On the other hand, they are killing that very traffic. Far be it from me to reconcile the Dilbert-style motivations of an outfit for which a 38 percent net profit is not enough. If you can explain it, please enlighten me. — AB

In LV, those who crossed labor were losers statewide political clips

Click here for statewide election results

Update: Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006, 12:41 p.m. PST — The Mahatma sez to bring a broom and camera to your polling place and he'll make you famous. Go to Be well. Raise hell.




Barbwire Confidential: Hush-Hush!

Subscribe to the New Barbwire Insider News Service
Get ahead of corporate-influenced news–>
All the news you never knew you needed to know 'til now

Barbano on statewide Nevada Newsmakers TV

BARBWIRE: The wages of Raggio — Payback time
Will the majority leader be able to save his underlings one more time?
Special web edition 11-6-2006

BARBWIRE: Enough, already
Sen. Maurice Washington's outright lying to the Sparks Tribune is the extremely ultimatest,
worst best damnedest very-dead-last freakin' straw!

All the reasons you'll ever need to vote for John Emerson over madcap Sen. Maurice Washington — including Washington's attempt to mandate intelligent design theocracy in Nevada schools

Reno News & Review 10-26-2006

If you would care to donate to the independent campaign against Mr. Washington, please contact the webmaster.

4th NRA bulletin to citizens of Nevada Senate District 2

Sparks senator's campaign tries to intimidate media
The truth keeps anti-Washington television spots on the air


    View the spot for yourself by clicking above. You must have Windows Media Player, free software available at A recently upgraded web browser is also necessary.

SPARKS (10-30-2006) — Claiming that opposition advertising is untrue, State Sen. Maurice Washington, R-Sparks, last week demanded that both KOLO TV-8 and Charter Media stop their broadcasts.

"Our spot merely presents the public record to the voters, stating specifically that 'while running his failed charter school, Rev. Washington illegally transferred thousands of taxpayer dollars to a bank account he controlled personally'," said lifelong Sparks resident Richard "Skip" Daly.

John Moore, an operative working for Sen. Washington's campaign, contacted both Channel 8 and Charter Media asserting that the advertising placed by the Nevada Republic Alliance is untrue.

"I can understand why Maurice Washington would want to hide the true record of his corruption while in office," Daly said.

"However, this type of censorship and discrimination by his campaign will not withstand scrutiny. It was a simple matter to provide ample documentation to substantiate the claims made in the advertisement, as these matters are well known and on the public record," Daly added.

"The mere fact that KOLO and Charter Media have not removed the ad substantiates the validity of the claims made documenting Maurice Washington's corruption. I hope that shining a light on this desperate act of censorship helps to end Maurice Washington's dishonorable abuse of power.

"Mr. Washington has a long history of being a lawbreaking lawmaker, violating the laws he has been sent to Carson City to form. We didn’t have time in 30 seconds to note all of the charges brought against Sen. Washington during his 12-year tenure," Daly said.

"He misused taxpayer funds to help finance his church and twice pleaded no contest to breaking the state workmens' comp law requiring employers to insure their workers for on-the-job injury."

"It is ironic that Washington's campaign accuses us of dishonest advertising when he himself is airing commercials using Washoe County District Attorney Dick Gammick claiming that this lawbreaking lawmaker is tough on crime," Daly said.

"This is just one example of why we support Washington's opponent John Emerson, whose ethics are beyond question," Daly said.

Gammick refused to pursue felony charges against Washington in 2002 after receiving substantial evidence that criminal fraud had been committed.

"It appears that the good old boy system is once again working overtime to prop up a public official who breaks the law with impunity because he knows he operates above the criminal justice system," Daly said.

"No wonder he tried to intimidate local TV stations from accepting advertising which tells the truth. He's got a scary amount of power behind him," Daly noted.

The spot and extensive documentation have been posted at http://www.BallotBoxing.US.

State says Sparks charter must fix shortcomings
By Ronnie Lynn
Posted: 6/18/2002 10:58 pm

"Nevada Leadership Academy should adopt policies that prevent fiscal mismanagement, conflicts of interest and other management shortcomings, a new state audit recommends.

"Nevada Department of Education’s audit of the Sparks charter school reached many of the same conclusions as an audit conducted by the Washoe County School District’s Charter School Advisory Committee….

"The audit says academy officials had been depositing grant money into an account accessible only to Washington…."

Washington seeks third term amid accusations
By Susan Voyles
Posted: 8/19/2002 11:34 pm
Modified: 8/21/2002 04:49 pm

"The school district and state reports single out Washington for 'the misuse of public charter school funds for the purpose of obtaining a loan for the benefit of a religious organization. It was also used to obtain a loan from Wells Fargo Bank under false pretenses.'

"Washington wrote the state’s legislation in 1997 that created charter schools and served on a committee that led to the formation of the Nevada Leadership Academy in 2000.

"Charter schools are public schools funded with public money. They are freer to use innovative teaching methods but are still bound by the majority of financial and governance standards as are all public schools under state law….

"Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick said his office doesn’t initiate complaints. But he said he called Wells Fargo Bank and was told by the bank that it has no interest in pursuing any potential fraud.

"Gammick said any allegation of a conflict of interest would go before the Nevada Ethics Commission. Ethics director Stacy Jennings said she could neither conform nor deny that her office has received a complaint. A violation of the state’s conflict of interest law is a misdemeanor."


The Carson City Nevada Appeal
Senator charged with failing to insure charter school workers
By Geoff Dornan
July 16, 2002

"State Sen. Maurice Washington has been charged with failing to provide industrial insurance coverage to workers at the charter school he helped create and run in Sparks.

"Senior Deputy Attorney General Greg Zunino filed the criminal complaint in Sparks Justice Court on Friday....

"An affidavit filed with the criminal complaint says Washington engaged in a questionable practice of shuffling money from the school to the church. No allegations of criminal activity have been made involving the money transfers.

"The audit conducted by the state Department of Education goes farther, saying grant money belonging to the school was transferred to another account which only Washington had access to, not the school. It said Washington moved $150,000 from the school's bank account to the church account to help close the mortgage for its new building and property. And it said the school's lease was designed so that the school covered almost all the cost of the mortgage as well as paying utilities and liability insurance for both itself and the church."

State attorney general's office files complaint
Sparks Tribune/Associated Press 6-6-2002

Washington ordered bookkeeper not to pay taxpayer-funded school's bills
Reno Gazette-Journal 7-16-2002

Sen. Washington supports theocracy
BARBWIRE, Sparks Tribune 10-25-1998

Watching examples of integrity in action
by Rev. Ron Rentner
Daily Sparks Tribune, 11-8-2002



If you would care to donate to the independent campaign against Mr. Washington, please contact the webmaster.

Nevada Republic Alliance brings Washington's record
to the voters

Longtime Sparks resident files IRS complaint against Washington

First NRA bulletin to citizens of Nevada Senate District 2

Second NRA bulletin to citizens of Nevada Senate District 2

Third NRA bulletin to citizens of Nevada Senate District 2

4th NRA bulletin to citizens of Nevada Senate District 2

Television spot in Windows Media Player format
Requires newer or freshly upgraded web browsers.
Windows Media Player is available as a free download at

All the reasons you'll ever need to vote for John Emerson over madcap Sen. Maurice Washington
— including Washington's attempt to mandate intelligent design theocracy in Nevada schools
Reno News & Review 10-26-2006

John Emerson Guest Editorial: We can do better
Reno Gazette-Journal 10-19-2006

Columnist David Farside: Washington, Lawmaker & Lawbreaker
Daily Sparks Tribune 10-17-2006

Columnist Jake Highton on Maurice Washington
Daily Sparks Tribune 10-19-2006

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2006 Statewide Political News Roundup

Judge Nancy Saitta's supporters raise her banner high
Judge Saitta defeats Justice Becker for a seat on the state's highest court
Becker thus becomes the third incumbent Nevada supreme court justice unseated in the past 100 years
(Patrick McCarran — 1918, Noel Manoukian — 1984)

Update: Monday, Nov. 6, 2006, 1:35 p.m. PST Killer investigative reporter Greg Palast says the fix is already in. Read How They Stole the Midterm Election and what you you can do about it.

HBO Special: Hacking Democracy

BARBWIRE: Election theft warnings ignored for 30 years

So much for non-partisan local follytix
Democratic challengers form a bloc against incumbents
in Reno City Council contests

Rep. Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., named "worst person in the world"
on MSNBC's The Countdown with Keith Olbermann

(and not for the reasons which first come to mind)

Red Eye Red State Review

Oct. 18, 2006

Nevada Newspapers + Blogs

Updated Political History of Nevada published
First new edition in 10 years

Daily Sparks Tribune
Illegal CIA fronts revealed
Reno Company accused of illegally kidnapping German

BallotBoxing.US 2004-2005 Archive

Election theft Y2K: 1988 warnings ignored
Daily Sparks Tribune 11-19-2000

Nevada's GOP secretary of state and attorney general ignore the law
in order to boost President Bush's electoral chances

Barbwire by Barbano/Sparks Tribune 7-11-2004
(Nevada A.G. Sandoval was nominated for a federal district judgeship
immediately after the election.) — now in its second decade
as the Internet flagship for working Nevadans

The prettiest home page on the web. See for yourself.
(We suggest that you first put on your sunglasses.)
'nuff said?

The latest rape and pillage by the cable television industry

Sam Shad's Statewide Nevada Newsmakers Radio/TV Show

Sen. Joe Neal's Legislative Archive

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