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Nevada Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins, D-Henderson, rumored to be seeking congressional seat Exclusive 9-23-2005

The Devil Brews, Sam Shad Stews and the Bubbly Underbelly of the News
From Barbwire by Barbano
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The people may decide,
but only God may judge

   "A person who jumps to conclusions without knowing all the facts is not fit to be president."George W. Bush, 10-28-2002

Faces of the Fallen at
Consistently updated information on U.S. dead in the South Asian wars

Faces of the Fallen traveling art exhibit memorializes Nevadans killed in current South Asian wars
Las Vegas Review-Journal 3-27-2005

NO ONE DIED WHEN CLINTON LIED — The above illustration is a composite of American soldiers who have died in Iraq over the past year. A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, hundreds of lives. And growing daily. (The union leader who sent the above montage and caption did not know the identity of the artist. If anyone does, I'd appreciate the information so that he/she may be properly credited. I wish people would keep in mind that in addition to more than 1,100 U.S. soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqis dead, U.S. wounded now stand in the 10,000+ range. AB)

CRY: My first thoughts after the election
by Michael Moore
LAUGH: 17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists
by Michael Moore

BARBWIRE: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Breaking News and Bulletins

The human comedy continues

Constitutional scholars: Nevada State Senate's failure to remove state controller from office upon impeachment and conviction was an extra-legal invention.
" definition, conviction is removal."
Reno News & Review 12-9-2004

BREAKING NEWS (12-5-2004) : Nevada state controller impeached and convicted, given 20 lashes with wet noodle

Rights remain silent

GAME OVER. Judge Breen declares election contest moot, so protest stands mute.
Recount counted out
Libs and Greens can't come up with $347,000 in quick cash.
Reno Gazette-Journal Editorial
: Resolve concerns about vote counts.

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 30, 2004, 11;56 a.m. PST— Judge Peter Breen today dismissed Rick Newell Davis' contest of the Nevada general election after yesterday's arguments. In other news, Nevada Greens and Libertarians filed for a statewide recount.

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 29, 2004, 2:37 a.m. PST— On the same day that a contest of the November election goes to court, the web is rife with communication that Green Party activists will file for a full statewide recount. Today is the deadline. The number of no-paper-trail voting machines in populous Clark County, wherein reside 70 percent of Nevada voters, looms as an issue in both venues. Only 740 of 2,926 machines in Clark County had paper backups. (Three of the most populous cities in the state, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson, are located in Clark County, better known as Gomorrah South to the locals.) Stay tuned for more. Be well. Raise hell. AB

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 25, 2004, 3:49 a.m. PST — NEWText of Rick Newell Davis' contest of the general election: Preliminary hearing memorandum and offer of proof

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 23, 2004, 3:32 p.m. PST —ELECTION CONTEST AND DISENFRANCHISEMENT CASE: Judge Peter Breen schedules evidentiary hearing for Monday, Nov. 29, 10:00 a.m in Washoe District Court, Reno.

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 17, 2004, 4:39 p.m. PST — Nevada Election Contest Filed
Followup on the story broken exclusively via BallotBoxing.US e-bulletin on Nov. 16
Watch this page for continuing updates

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 15, 2004, 3:12 a.m. PST — Republican attorney files notice of appeal of Judge Brent Adams' decision. Reform of the system demanded.

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 8, 2004, 5:04 a.m. PST — Republican voter suppression campaign continues past the election. Barbwire by Barbano special Internet edition.

BREAKING NEWS, NOV. 2, 2004, 4:17 p.m. PST, Reno Gazette-Journal — If you've got a registration receipt, a Washoe judge says you can vote today — even if your name is not on voting rolls. Click here for more.

CARSON CITY (NOV 1, 2004, 2:23 p.m. PST)—A Reno couple lost their right to vote today for the crime of wanting to register as Democrats. The Nevada Supreme Court turned down a motion for a writ of mandamus which would have ordered county voter registrars "to place in the voters register and poll book the names of Petitioners (Eric and Traci Amberson) and all Represented Petitioners who can present...documentation evidencing their good faith completion and submission of voter registration forms."

Justices Agosti, Becker, Gibbons, Maupin and Rose stated in their order that "altough the petition raises signficant issues," they did not feel it appropriate to intervene. The court is "ill-equipped to resolve factual issues such as whether petitioners are qualified electors and whether they submitted properly complete voter registration forms. The district court is the proper forum in which to resolve this matter in the first instance." Justice Michael Douglas, who is up for election tomorrow, recused himself.

The case stemmed from activities of a GOP-retained organization accused in Nevada and other states of destroying registration forms of people who registered as Democrats.

Some resort to provisional ballots
Nevada offers option for voters whose registration is in dispute

Nevada's GOP secretary of state and attorney general ignore the law to boost President Bush's electoral chances: Barbwire by Barbano/Sparks Tribune 7-11-2004
(Nevada A.G. Sandoval was nominated for a federal district judgeship immediately after the election.)


A health care consumer's view of the HMO-insurancemonger-hospital-doctor-lawyer brouhaha



So many people asked for advice on how to vote that I ventured forth. As always, such comments remain absolutely non-objective and thus objectionable to some, useful to others and occasionally amusing to all. Be well. Raise hell.


CSI — Campaign Scene Investigation
BallotBoxing.US editor performs postelection postmortems on statewide TV.

Nevada statewide 2004 general election results

WILLIE HORTON IS BACK AND NEVADA DID IT. Bush and Cheney are running instant replay of the Dukakis rout of 1988 complete with the return of Willie Horton. None other than my old friend and Bush confidante Sig Rogich of Las Vegas suggested such racist redux and it's now in distribution.

Modern Racism, Nevada Style

Rogich suggested Willie Horton revival to Bush operatives

Reno News & Review 9-2-2004

See the two new racist spots at
One features Willie Horton, the other, the Rev. Al Sharpton.
This is NOT the pro-Kerry website, rather a cynically named soundalike cloaked in white sheets. If you want to behold the face of modern American racism circa 2004, you need look no further then here.
Better suggestion: don't.

Be well. Raise hell.

Andrew Barbano

Barbwire by Barbano
Red meat and politicians hung out to bleed

BETWEEN BAGHDAD AND CYBERIA (Nov. 28, 2004) —The only ray of hope emanating from the current political miasma of hatred and fear comes from an economist's analysis of a very wealthy little country which does not really exist. And both liberals and conservatives can love it. Click here to read the full, fascinating and important analysis.

From a pre-election edition:

In August, a certain Reno area talk radio station was recently handed a huge wad of money, well into five figures, to produce a daily program bashing Sen. John Kerry. They even allow a token liberal to sit in a couple of times a week so that they can plead that they've given the dirty pinko commie faction a chance to rebut.

Said liberal is usually outgunned three or four mouths to one, but it doesn't matter.

What's important is repetition of the lie.


8-23-2004: Tomorrow's news today
Democrat & non-GOP Primary Sample Ballots Missing in Northern Nevada
Voter registrar intentionally mailed Republicans first
Other swimmers in the political alphabet soup bowl mad as wet hens

8-24-2004: Reno Gazette-Journal prints your story

8-31-2004 Update: Some ballots still missing. Whassup?

SWINGTOWN — Campaign ads flood Reno, study says

City most popular market in country: TV spots targeting battleground state.
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-28-2004

MONEY TALKS: Nevada TV stations swamped with Kerry-Bush Kash
Reno Gazette-Journal 11-1-2004

9-23-2004 Bulletin: Gov Bill Richardson moves Reno Latinos for Kerry

9-18-2004 BallotBoxing Bulletin



Ohio ain't got nothing on Nevada

Elko, Nev., finds 271 uncounted votes
Elko Daily Free Press 12-8-2004

Two voting machine cartridges came up missing in Washoe County (Reno-Sparks) in the primary, but were found the next day and counted. This may be interesting stories to drink beer over, but they don't amount to much.

As my cyber-consultant told me when I investigated an election stolen from my candidate via computer more than 25 years ago, "you're swatting gnats and swallowing camels."

In 2004, despite all the rosy PR about Nevada leading the nation by mandating that computerized voting be backed by a paper trail, a huge number of Sequoia machines in Las Vegas were of the older variety with no paper trail. See also the San Francisco Chronicle archive of a Nevada AP story: "Computer experts are concerned because only 740 of 2,926 machines in Clark County produce paper records of every ballot cast."

Nevada's five electoral votes could have been easily stolen in southern Nevada and no one will ever be the wiser. Since the installation of the paperless Sequoia machines, the few Clark County recounts have always come out exactly the same as the original tally. Candidates quickly learned it was an expensive exercise in futility.

I've been screaming about this kind of stuff for more than a quarter-century, but a prophet is without honor in his own country. — AB

Election theft Y2K: 1988 warnings ignored
Daily Sparks Tribune 11-19-2000



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