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   The Dean of Reno Bloggers could very well be Andrew Barbano, self-described "fighter of public demons," who started putting his "Barbwire" columns online in 1996 and now runs 10 sites.
      RENO NEWS & REVIEW, 11-9-2006

"Our long national nightmare is over."
Did I say that a dozen years ago?
CORY FARLEY, RGJ, 11-10-2006

BARBANO: Nevada's newly-hiked minimum wage is nowhere near enough
Reno Gazette-Journal, 11-11-2006

Oregon State U. minimum wage deflator

Time to bring back NAGPAC?
CORY FARLEY, RGJ, 8-1-2006

Your vote is your voice.
Su voto es su voz
So vote!

Click here for statewide election results

Update: Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006, 12:41 p.m. PST — The Mahatma sez to bring a broom and camera to your polling place and he'll make you famous. Go to Be well. Raise hell.

Update: Monday, Nov. 6, 2006, 1:35 p.m. PST Killer investigative reporter Greg Palast says the fix is already in. Read How They Stole the Midterm Election and what you you can do about it.

HBO Special: Hacking Democracy

BARBWIRE: Election theft warnings ignored for 30 years



Editor's Note: Many of the news links on this site are from Nevada dailies. In late 2006, the Reno Gannett-Journal began nuking much of its archive. If you encounter any broken links, I encourage you to contact them and send me a copy. On the one hand, they want to build their web traffic in order to increase the price of ads. On the other hand, they are killing that very traffic. Far be it from me to reconcile the Dilbert-style motivations of an outfit for which a 38 percent net profit is not enough. If you can explain it, please enlighten me. — AB


BARBWIRE: The wages of Raggio — Payback time
Will the majority leader be able to save his underlings one more time?

Special web edition 11-6-2006

BARBWIRE: Enough, already
Sen. Maurice Washington's outright lying to the Sparks Tribune is the extremely ultimatest,
worst best damnedest very-dead-last freakin' straw!




All the reasons you'll ever need to vote for John Emerson over madcap Sen. Maurice Washington — including Washington's attempt to mandate intelligent design theocracy in Nevada schools

Reno News & Review 10-26-2006

Sparks resident files complaint with IRS against Sen. Maurice Washington

Judge Nancy Saitta's supporters raise her banner high

So much for non-partisan local follytix
Democratic challengers form a bloc against incumbents in Reno City Council contests

Rep. Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., named "worst person in the world" on MSNBC's The Countdown with Keith Olbermann
(and not for the reasons which first come to mind)

BARBWIRE: Review of November ballot questions
PLUS Jim Gibbons v. Dina Titus on cutting Nevada retirement benefits
See and hear them for yourself.
Daily Sparks Tribune 10-22-2006

Red Eye Red State Review
Oct. 18, 2006

Statewide news on politics and the workplace from

NEW POLL: Nevada senate race close, governor's contest a tossup
Las Vegas Review-Journal 9-29-2006
What a difference 5 days make
Jim Gibbons (R) leads Dina Titus (D) by 9 points and is beating her in Las Vegas and among female voters statewide
Las Vegas Review-Journal 9-24-2006
Did the Monday debate turn it around? If so, some pundits got it seriously wrong.

Will they try to blame this on Jimmy Carter?

FRONTRUNNER IN A FUSS — On Sept. 28, State Sen. Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, publicly complained to a Reno TV station about vandalism of her campaign signs. The above was not included. Regular Barbwire readers were informed of the dastardly deed several weeks ago. The moral degradation of our society continues. Can political action help or hurt? At least follytix has stimulated somebody toward creativity.
BLAST FROM THE PAST — The above hand-made sign adorned a fence in northwest Reno in 1998. Best guess is that it was a goon by local high school students. You gotta love that kind of initiative. KRNV TV-4 picked up on the story and launched a search for Robert Goofdork. Controversy remains in the Republican Party as to whether or not he became governor or our junior U.S. senator. Read the Saga of Robert Goofdork here.

IN SEARCH OF MORE CAMPAIGN YUCKS. If you notice a campaign sign, bumper sticker or anything which might bring a smile to an increasingly nasty world, please take a shot and shoot a copy here. The more the merrier. Laugh or cry, the choice is yours. Be well. Raise hell.

Skinny Georgia girl wipes the floor with macho stud in old-fashioned
political bar-room brawl, still gets little respect from pundits

RENO (Sept. 25) — State Sen. Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, recovered from a fox paw at the beginning to wipe the floor with Rep. Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., in Monday's gubernatorial debate at the University of Nevada-Reno. Stay tuned to the Barbwire for details and fallout.
For well-rounded coverage, read the following stories by experienced journalists but watch the Barbwire for some new wrinkles
Carson City Nevada Appeal's coverage of the debate
Reno Gazette-Journal: Gibbons-Titus in personal slugfest
Titus slams Gibbons' record, Gibbons says she's an expensive date
The Daily Sparks Tribune's take on the story
All of the above appeared on 9-26-2006
Ralston: What they said doesn't matter unless regurgitated as smear TV spots
Las Vegas Sun 9-27-2006
Voters deserve the truth — Titus and Gibbons advocated lots of programs in debate but gave short shrift about how to pay for them and left many others unmentioned
Reno Gazette-Journal editorial 9-27-2006
Tough decisions needed: Candidates must talk about burgeoning federal deficit
Despite a claim by gubernatorial candidate and Congressman Jim Gibbons at Monday night's debate that Republicans are cutting the federal deficit, the budget of the U.S. is out of control, unsustainable and about to explode.
Reno Gazette-Journal editorial 9-28-2006
Erin Neff: Gibbons won, but little was settled
Jane Ann Morrison: Titus won the battle of the boo birds


Health care benefits for newly hired state workers divide gubernatorial candidates Titus and Gibbons

Like Kansas and Arizona, can Nevada elect a female Democratic governor?

Wall Street Journal poll shows dead heats in Nevada races for governor and U.S. Senate

Las Vegas Sun reporter, probably a flatlander, writes a long piece on Titus v. Gibbons and their differences — without even considering the glaring similarities between the gubernatorial nominees
Las Vegas Sun 8-17-2006
Reno Gazette-Journal does the same story on Aug. 20. Compare.

Nevada attorney general passes on Boggs-McDonald case

Police and Culinary unions file to remove Clark County Commissioner Lynette Boggs-McDonald from ballot over fraudulent residency

Wal-Mart telling its workers how to vote

Wal-Mart targets Nevada for "voter education"
Eye on Election, Democrats Run as Wal-Mart Foe

Carpenters picket downtown Reno condo conversion
Anti-union astroturf media campaign's Wal-Mart links exposed

Early presidential primary will bring Nevada clout in national elections

Angle may ask for recount of congressional race
Sharron Angle of Reno said Wednesday that she is considering asking for a recount after losing by 428 votes Tuesday night in the statewide 2nd Congressional District's Republican primary.
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-17-2006
New York-based PAC provided almost all of Angle's funding and came close to buying its own Nevada congressman

Sun Valley Marine dies in Iraq
An 18-year-old Marine from Sun Valley died Thursday while engaged in combat operations in Iraq, the Department of Defense said Friday.
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-12-2006
Roll Over and Play Dead
Daily Sparks Tribune 8-13-2006
Henderson soldier killed in Iraq Aug. 9
Associated Press 8-15-2006

Wall Street Journal poll shows dead heats in Nevada races for governor and U.S. Senate

NEW BARBWIRE: Hot scoops and Rail City racism

Fundraiser set for terminally ill boy ostracized by dysfunctional health care system

PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS: Nevada Newspapers + Blogs

Washoe County voters turned away at polls
Smoking Gun: K-Mart Taxes Groceries (illegal in Nevada)
BARBWIRE special web edition for the Ides of August
Updated with dispatches from the trenches 8-17-2006

The only really important political or workplace news of the day

Sun Valley Marine dies in Iraq

An 18-year-old Marine from Sun Valley died on Aug. 10 while engaged in combat operations in Iraq,
the Department of Defense said on Aug. 11.

Reno Gazette-Journal 8-12-2006
BARBWIRE: Roll Over and Play Dead
UPDATE: Henderson soldier killed Aug. 9.
Daily Sparks Tribune 8-13-2006

Connecticut Yankee Loses His Ass.
Lieberman responds with rump movement.
New York Times 8-9-2006
Free registration may be required.
Lieberman gets spit out: Democrats must advance firm positions
Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial 8-10-2006

Furriners from New Hampshire and flatlanders from Iowa trash Nevada as not ready for primary time
Politics for white people just like the founding fathers wanted it
Las Vegas Sun Washington Bureau 8-8-2006


Las Vegas Review-Journal political reporter ERIN NEFF:
It doesn't look good for Nevada Democrats this fall

Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-20-2006

Small county perspective: Heller won GOP congressional nomination
in Cow Counties remote from major market TV hatchet jobs

The looming equalizer of the sagebrush satellite dish?
Gardnerville Record-Courier 8-18-2006

Several viewers say Hunt won gubernatorial debate
HAGAR: Hunt glommed GOP gub gab gig

Free-for-all at Reno City Hall:
GOP gubernatorial candidates break the 11th Commandment

The Las Vegas Review-Journal's take on the debate in Reno

Gubernatorial campaign money detailed

GOP gubernatorial debate in Reno: Will Hunt endorse Beers?
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-11-2006
New poll results bring surprises days before primary election
Titus and Gibbons called likely general election gubernatorial opponents
Several reports by the Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-11-2006

Titus and Gibson go at each with hatchets in Reno gubernatorial debate

Letter clouds gubernatorial candidate Gibson's explanation for violating conflict of interest regarding mining claims vote
Columnist John L. Smith, Las Vegas Review-Journal 7-26-2006

NEW POLL: Angle catches Heller in Nevada statewide congressional district GOP primary

U.S. Senate candidate Jack Carter speaks at Temple Emanu-El in Reno
NEW POLL: Ensign holds big lead over Carter in U.S. Senate race

Reno-Sparks-Washoe campaign finance report summary
Incumbents score heavy bucks from developers ­ So what else is new?

Immigration, education key issues for minorities

Sparks council candidate files ethics complaint against incumbent

Contentious Comstock candidates night

Blogosphere becomes smearosphere

Light-guv comedy
Former lt. gov. corrects urban legend in newspaper story

NEW POLL: School destroyer petition fades; others steady

Freedom of speech for strippers stifled, freedom to smoke for smokers suspenseful,
freedom to sexually harass at NDOT nixed


Deceased state controller in dead heat with live challenger according to conservative pollster
Daily Sparks Tribune 8-11-2006
Columnist John L. Smith: The late state controller Kathy Augustine poised to make a posthumous comeback
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-8-2006
State treasurer race: straights, kinkoids, pimps & thieves
Las Vegas Sun 8-6-2006
Why the state controller's office should not be eliminated
State treasurer throws hissy fit after exposure of sweetheart deal with GOP crony
Las Vegas Review-Journal 7-20-2006

GEOFF SCHUMACHER: Election year politics caused Clark County Commission to kill curbside recycling project
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-13-2006
ERIN NEFF: Recycle this — Dirty LV trash franchise redux
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-3-2006
Something is Rotten, Part Deux
Republic Services fails to honor 2035 franchise extension deal but Clark County Commission says the company is not in breach
Las Vegas Sun 8-6-2006

They can't blame the gays anymore.
Lousy wages in a race-to-the-bottom economy identified as major cause of failure to marry

Facing Middle Age With No Degree, and No Wife

New York Times 8-6-2006
Free registration may be required.

Longest-serving Nevada lawmaker Lawrence Jacobsen dies

A grand sendoff for Jake
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-5-2006
Nevada Appeal/AP 8-5-2006

Jacobsen memorial service August 4
Reno Gazette-Journal 7-29-2006

40 years in politics and still just dad
Gardnerville Record-Courier 7-26-2006

Jacobsen universally respected
Reno Gazette-Journal 7-27-2006

Former central Nevada senator, gaming commission chair Carl Dodge dies
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-1-2006

Sen. Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, diagnosed with West Nile Virus
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-1-2006
Amodei returns to work after a week of battling disease
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-1-2006



Yuk 'em!
Comedians led by Lewis Black and satirical publications such as The Onion (just bought by the owners of CBS and The Daily Show with John Stewart) have supplanted the Democratic Party in responding to the raucus, racist, ridiculously reactionary right. Cool.
Las Vegas Sun 7-23-2006

Yuk 'em, Part Deux
Columnist CORY FARLEY: Time to bring back NAGPAC?
Reno Gazette-Journal 8-1-2006

The Brutal Cost of Living:
Trying to Stay Alive on the High Desert Plantation

PETITIONMANIA: See you in court

Wide-ranging Nevada November ballot questions explained

Nevada Supremes schedule hearings on ballot question questions

Initiative PAC money detailed

Redress vs. Undress: High-profile petitions rife with potentially unintended consequences and furriner's money
Political Writer ERIN NEFF: Money backing tax and condemnation initiatives isn't from Nevada
The only thing green in the grass-roots efforts behind two statewide ballot initiatives is the flow of cash from a New York City millionaire. His name is Howard Rich…
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-13-2006

TASC initiative sees dip
Minimum wage, eminent domain support remains strong

Las Vegas Review-Journal poll 8-10-2006

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Judge rules TASC petition will go on November ballot;
opponents move it to the Supreme Court

Carson City Nevada Appeal coverage of the above
The Reno Gazette-Journal's story
All of the latter dated 8-8-2006

Government is not the problem, Bob Beers' petition is, so let's fight
Steve Sebelius, Las Vegas CityLife 8-3-2006

Labor leader files to have TASC petition removed from ballot
Las Vegas Review-Journal 7-29-2006

Rebecca Zisch: Typo Personality
Trashing TASC's tacky taskmaster
Las Vegas CityLife 7-27-2006

Republican officials pronounce school-destroying initiative fit for ballot
Reno Gazette-Journal/Associated Press 7-22-200

Organized labor targets Nevada school destroyer petition
What happens if the fastest-growing state commits fiscal suicide?
A State of Decline: What TASC Would Mean for Nevada

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
TASC opponents seize on two negative analyses of ballot question
Las Vegas Review-Journal 7-20-2006

Condemning condemnation
TROJAN HORSE: Two Clark County commissioners say eminent domain ballot question loaded with perks for lawyers; creates new class of lawsuits

Eminent domain initiative heads to court
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-8-2006
Eminent domain petition organizers file opposition to lawsuit
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-1-2006
Business and governmental interests file lawsuit to keep eminent domain petition off November ballot
Las Vegas Review-Journal 7-21-2006

Boulder City get-rich-quick public land sale initiative heads to Supreme Court
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-10-2006

Roll Over and Play Dead
Superannuated Street Stories
Porno & Politics: Same thing, only different

Sicko: workers, renters and kids

Jon Ralston: Doctors' lobby never gets enough

Sen. Joe Neal's 2002 universal health care proposal looks visionary in retrospect

Updated 8-14-2006
Nevada minimum wage proposal pits unions against restaurant group

Health Care and Workplace:
Tip earners at center of national policy debates

GOP federal minimum wage bill was a bad one
Reno Gazette-Journal Editorial 8-7-2006
A bill with baggage: Federal measure would negate Nevada ballot question
Las Vegas Sun Editorial 8-4-2006
Taking back their tips ­ GOP bill would devastate Nevada tip earners
Las Vegas Sun Editorial 8-3-2006
Democrats, labor say GOP bill will hurt tip earners
Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-3-2006
Jim Day Cartoon
Sen. Reid, Culinary Union denounce sham GOP minimum wage bill
Las Vegas Sun 8-2-2006

Molly Ivins: The latest congressional shuck on the minimum wage

AP: Minimum-wage hikes getting state-by-state push
Reno Gazette-Journal 7-18-2006

Minimum wage at 51-year low in 2006
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
GRAPHANALYSIS: Actual value of the minimum wage since 1938
Oregon State University

Why the GOP tried to keep the minimum wage initiative off Nevada's ballot

Gannett News Service wants to interview minimum wage workers

ACLU files suit vs. LV "don’t feed the homeless in the park" ordinance

Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-3-2006

Culinary Union/Progressive Leadership Alliance petition vs. Reno Station Casino fails 8-1-2006

Nevada presidential primary may not serve voters very well
Reno News & Review 7-27-2006

Candidate Forum
Sunday, July 23, 7:00 p.m.

Update: Turnout was excellent, the carrot cake was great and several additional candidates or their representatives from the Democrat, GOP and Libertarian perspectives attended. The major issue of the evening: Remedies for the lack of affordable housing. Some good recommendations were offered. Barbara Stone thanks everyone who participated and assisted.

Northwest Reno community activist Barbara Stone is producing a candidate forum at 7:00 p.m. Sunday in the clubhouse of Vintage Hills Senior Apartments, 4195 W. 7th Street just east of McCarran (next to the 7-11 on the corner).

Committed to attend thus far:

* University System Regent Jill Derby, Democratic nominee for U.S. House of Representatives in the statewide second congressional district
* State treasurer candidate Kate Marshall
* Northwest Reno Democratic assembly candidate David Bobzien
* Northwest Reno Democratic assembly candidate David Love
* Former state assemblywoman Vivian Freeman, candidate for Reno City Council
* Reno City Attorney Patricia Lynch, candidate for justice of the peace
* Brett Kandt, candidate for Reno city attorney

Cake and refreshments will be served.

All politics is local in Nevada this year

The stolen 2004 election by RFK, Jr.
Rolling Stone June 15, 2006
So, what else is new?

Death Defyin' Speechifyin' in Gomorrah South
Some win labor endorsement, some don't

Democratic Party national chairman Howard Dean headlines
Nevada State AFL-CIO political convention in Las Vegas May 30- June 1, 2006

Destruction Derby
Has Nevada Regent Jill Derby already blown the race for one of only 17 open congressional seats?
Reno News & Review 4-27-2006



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Nevada's GOP secretary of state and attorney general ignore the law
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